uIntelliSense release

I got a bit carried away and totally forgot to announce the release on my new Unity asset here, but here it is.

uIntelliSense brings all the power of IntelliSense code hints to your Unity code.

Have you ever forgot the exact meaning of some method parameter, or stumbled upon a method you’ve never used before? This is what uIntelliSense is about, providing useful hints for the Unity API — descriptions for types, variables, methods, method parameters etc.  Don’t you think that searching through Scripting Reference is way too much work when all you really have to do is to hover over the code with your mouse?..

Once you’ll try it, you’ll get used to it immediately. It is extremely helpful and time-saving, especially if you are a beginner who doesn’t knows the Unity API very well.

More information:
Product page
Buy on Asset Store

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.3.2 Update and announcement of Pro version

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.3.2 update is now available on Asset Store!

  • Added onBluetoothDiscoverabilityEnabled and onBluetoothDiscoverabilityEnableFailed events.
  • Fixed an issue when GetDiscoveredDevices() returned empty array before starting the discovery process.
Also, I am happy to announce that plugin now comes in two versions – Pro and Basic. They are exactly the same, except Pro version includes full Java plugin source code. Also, if you’ve bought the plugin before August 2014, you are now upgraded to Pro for free! Hope you’ll make good use of the source code ;)

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.3.0 Update

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.3.0 update is now available on Asset Store!

  • Added IsDiscoverable() method.
  • Added a parameter to ShowDeviceList() for showing only data-capable devices.
  • Added detection of the Bluetooth device class.
  • Improved integration with other Android plugins.
  • Improved demo scenes.
  • Code clean-up.

Good ol’ Sockets 1.2 Update

Good ol’ Sockets 1.2 update is now available on Asset Store!

  • Added an option to revert the namespace patch.
  • Added System.Net.CookieContainer support.
  • Improved demos.

Good ol’ Sockets 1.1 Update

Good ol’ Sockets 1.1 update is now available on Asset Store!

  • Fixed some compatibility issues (make sure to update if you are using Tasharen Network!).
  • Fixed build on Windows Phone platform (build no longer crashes when Good ol’ Sockets are in the project).
  • Improved assembly patcher.

Dynamic Water System 1.3 Update

Dynamic Water System 1.3 update is now available on Asset Store! This is mostly a Unity 4.3 compatibility and bugfix release.

  • Improved Unity 4.3 compatibility (new Undo system, no more nasty warnings).
  • Fixed DllNotFoundException issue that occured on some installations.
  • Added a menu item to relocate the asset files for JS scripts.
  • Minor fixes.

Dynamic Water System 1.2 Update

Dynamic Water System 1.2 update is now available on Asset Store!

  • Added Character demo scene.
  • Added underwater fog script.
  • Inverted obstruction geometry (allows to create more complex shapes).
  • Added support for obstruction textures.
  • Added circular waves feature to Advanced Ambient Waves.
  • DynamicWater and SplashZone now support arbitrary transformation.
  • Fast normalization redone with much improved quality. It is now recommended and used by default.
  • A lot of workflow and UI improvements.
  • Added some example scripts.
  • Tons of optimization, some heavy methods moved to a native library (only for Windows x86 and Android at the moment).
  • Code cleanup.
  • Various bugfixes.

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.21 Update

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.21 update is now available on Asset Store!

  • Updated examples.
  • Minor fixes.

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.2 Update

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer 1.2 update is now available on Asset Store!

  • New GetCurrentDevice() method to get current Bluetooth device information.
  • BluetoothMultiplayerAndroidManager is now instantiated automatically, no need to add prefab.
  • New SetRawPackets() method to transmit data as raw (for advanced usage).

Site launched

Phew! The site is finally online. Here you’ll find all the updates and the information about my projects.Thanks for visiting, hope you’ll like it!