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Dynamic Water System

Dynamic Water System is a custom interactive water physics system designed with Unity Free in mind. It works really great for small water bodies such as small ponds, pools, fountains, waterfalls etc. Realistic look of water is achieved through wave simulation applied to a high-poly mesh. Also includes realistic voxel-based buoyancy system.

Good ol’ Sockets

Good ol’ Sockets bring the power of .NET sockets to mobile developers without the need for Pro license. It is a drop-in replacement for a subset of System.Net.Sockets namespace, and is extremely easy to use – just change the required namespace and you’re done!

Good ol’ Sockets allows to run a lot of popular assets that rely on .NET sockets, such as Tasharen Network, Photon Networking Free, UniWeb, BestHTTP and many others. If you ever wanted to try them, but have no Pro license for Android/iOS — then this is the asset you need.


uIntelliSense brings all the power of IntelliSense code hints to your Unity code. Have you ever forgot the exact meaning of some method parameter, or stumbled upon a method you’ve never used before? Don’t you think that searching through Scripting Reference is way too much work when all you really have to do is to hover over the code with your mouse?.. And this is exactly what uIntelliSense is about, providing useful hints for the Unity API — descriptions for types, variables, methods, method parameters etc.

Android Bluetooth Multiplayer

Ever wanted to add Bluetooth multiplayer to your Android game? Then this is the one and only plugin you will ever need. This plugin allows you to add Bluetooth multiplayer in a very simple way. It is fully compatible with Unity built-in networking. What this means is that you can easily reuse your networking code for Internet and local gaming with minimal changes, or use any of existing tutorials about Unity built-in networking. Adding Bluetooth multiplayer to Android game wasn’t possible before… And now it’s made easy!

Swift Shadows

Swift Shadows is a lightweight substitute for Blob Shadow Projector, heavily optimized for mobile devices. It works by a raycast to surface and drawing a transparent quad that hovers above it. Literally hundreds of shadows can be drawn on a mobile device with a single draw call. Ever needed shadows, but Blob Shadow Projector and built-in shadows were too slow? Then this is the plugin that’ll come in handy.