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Good ol’ Sockets is a drop-in substitute for System.Net.Sockets namespace subset. It is designed to make it possible for Unity developers to use sockets on Android and iOS platforms without a Pro license. It also includes an automatic patcher tool that allows to convert popular assets (such as Photon Networking, Tasharen Networking, UniWeb and others) in a single click! Good ol’ Sockets aim to replicate the API of .NET sockets as close as possible. What this means for you is that you can use pretty much any code that uses System.Net.Sockets, including MSDN and hundreds of tutorials over the Web. Two simple commented demo scenes are also included.

Note: Good Ol’ Sockets is a bit slower than native Unity implementation, and does not implements the whole System.Net.Sockets and System.Net namespaces. However, this won’t affect most applications, as sockets are rarely the bottleneck, and the chosen API subset is sufficient for almost any needs.


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